The solution to the national Front of House staff shortage

There are approximately 200,000 Front of House vacancies across the country and a quarter of pubs, restaurants and hotels have been forced to shut or close part time because of this. According to the industry body’s poll, revenue is down by a fifth due to the shortage. Even as the U.K is slowly easing out of the pandemic, the Confederation of British Industry states that staffing shortages in the U.K could last up to two years. Traditional recruitment agencies aren’t equipped to deal with the national problem because of the time and cost they require.


Some hospitality companies rely on traditional recruitment agencies, but this can be extremely costly. Using a traditional recruitment service is expensive within the context of a hospitality businesses, and especially for small businesses in this sector, who it’s usually not accessible for. The average recruitment cost of filling a vacancy, internally or externally is around £4,500. Finding a great candidate using a traditional recruitment agency will save the cost of advertising and time involved in pre-screening candidates, but the time and effort involved in finding the right recruiter alongside the cost, are important factors to consider. Depending on the type of business, this may be an expensive high risk low reward solution.


Traditional recruitment agencies take a lot of time to recruit, averaging 23 days before they fill a role. This can be due to several things such as, managing multiple sectors, pressure to meet targets, and not specialising in one field. The lengthy process means that businesses must wait a long time whilst their daily operations struggle, and it’s within this crucial window that the best candidates get taken by other companies.

Both factors not only stretch the budget but mean that many businesses aren’t getting access to the best quality staff and instead are receiving mediocre employees at a slow pace. A new approach could be the solution to not only combatting these issues but solving the national issue at hand.

The solution

A niche recruitment service that can specialise in Front of House recruitment and complete the process fast is the answer. The niche service will mean they’re not spreading their services across multiple sectors, but focus on strictly hospitality, meaning the process will take under half the time of the average recruitment service. This means that business operations will be back to normal, with the best quality staff, because they will have first access to them. These factors cause the cost to be appropriate for Front of House businesses, making it an extremely affordable option compared to traditional recruitment services and giving more companies access to this type of service.

A recruitment service offering a cost-effective and fast way to provide the best staff is the solution to the national Front of House staff shortage.

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