How Hospitality can Boost Your Career


People working in hospitality encounter three times as many people a day than in other industries, granting opportunities to network more than in any other sector. Networking is important to maintaining long term relationships and to gaining experience that could enhance your career and create visibility, subsequently opening more doors. Individuals who have networked over time have been able to progress at an easier rate because of the possibilities that have been made available through networking.

Opportunities to progress

Having a career in hospitality means that employers are more likely to hire you because of core skills that are gained in any hospitality job. For example, communication, collaboration, and interpersonal awareness. These skills are incredibly marketable to any business and people without these attributes are less desirable to an employer because of the lack of adaptability.

However, hospitality has also more of a direct path to progress than other careers. Many roles within this field provide training that will enable you to develop essential skills needed for a role that requires more responsibility which creates potential for rapid vertical movement. For example, a Front of House employee can work their way up to being a manager and eventually reach a senior role. John Brich who is vice president of Search Wide Global, highlights how he first started in a restaurant and the hospitality industry granted him the freedom to move from restaurant to hotel to executive search and now vice president. Due to the expanding nature of the hospitality sector, it is constantly exposing its workers to regional and corporate management, finance, marketing, and human resources. Ultimately hospitality operations are businesses who need individuals to know the field inside out and who can step up to lead.

Pre-pandemic hospitality faced an issue of shortage of qualified managers and employees; the pandemic has only widened this gap. This means there are even more opportunities within hospitality for individuals who are aspiring to progress their career. Bob Anderson, the president of Star Performance Inc highlighted that hospitality companies want to hire individuals with innovative ideas and create new ways of attracting customers.

A constantly expanding industry

In England, the hospitality sector has been boosted by economic conditions, making it a thriving industry that’s constantly expanding. This industry generated 100 billion in 2018 and has grown at a consistent rate of 6 per cent for 5 years prior. Therefore, hospitality is a long-term career and one that provides the most stability. People will always need food, drink and entertainment which is why there will always be a need for hospitality workers. Regardless of the economic state of the country, the industry will always continue. The Covid-19 pandemic highlights this as the hospitality industry was the least affected and was the fastest to recover. The 2020 Mckinsey report surveyed 2000 global business executives who predicted the GDP recovery of the hospitality industry would be 2021, which is significantly earlier than other sectors.

At its core hospitality is about providing an excellent customer experience. Therefore, it is a career that is globally recognised and transferable to any business. Ultimately a career in hospitality opens many different doors to progress within your chosen field or to transition into other careers that you never thought you would have the chance to experience.