Looking for a Chef? Hire Qualified Head Chefs, Sous Chefs and Chefs de Partie

We’ve hired chefs for hotels, pubs and restaurants all over the U.K. Let us help your hospitality business get back on track by hiring the right staff for you.

  • We cover a wide range of chef roles.

  • Experienced in recruiting chefs for pubs, hotels and fine dining restaurants.

  • Efficient, saving you time and money.

The average hospitality recruitment time takes an average of 23 days from receiving an application to the final interview. This means restaurants, pubs and hotels are losing out on the best candidates because the competition has hired them first.

Our trained team of experts review CV’s from the moment they come in, so you don’t lose out on the best chefs to your competition.

We pride ourselves in hiring the best chefs for your hospitality business. From Sous Chef to Head Chef, our unique process ensures that the selected candidates align with your team and company values.